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Those of you who check in on this blog from time to time may well have noticed that not much has happened here of late. After a burst of productivity over the summer, buoyed by an enthusiastic response to my piece on Pitt Cue, best laid plans to produce at least one article per week found themselves highjacked by reality; a boozy break in Mallorca dealt the first blow, then a left hook from the deadline on my online diploma before a sucker punch in the form of a technical failure over at Weebly that was corrupting all my content. I didn’t have any time to write anything, and when I did it invariably looked like Pacman had gone on a rampage and tried to eat all the words and pictures that had anything to do with food. It was infuriating.

Well, despite appearances to the contrary I have been busy over the past few months, and alongside finishing my diploma, producing a new show for 2017, going away for Christmas, trying to move house, and getting ready to have another child I’ve finally found time to do what I should have done long ago and ditch that no-good Weebly forever in favour of something that can give me and my readers the love they deserve.

Here, finally, is my all new website.

So what’s changed? Well, there’s brand new content on South Africa with more to come.  All the old content has been updated and optimized to include images, videos, music. Everything is fresher, slicker, smarter. There’s even a regularly updated playlist at the bottom for you to peruse while you consume. Now that the hard part’s over I’m aiming to be posting more regularly, so long as I get indications that at least one person is reading it.

To that person, whoever you are, I hope you enjoy.


An Actor Consumes dmca-badge-w150-2x1-03 New website!

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